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Prothomalornews is the leading news portal in Bangladesh. Critically acclaimed for the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical journalism about prothomalornews.com. prothomalornews.com is a groundbreaking initiative.

24/7 News Publishing a lot of journalists in Bangladesh and abroad and over a long period of time, it has brought accurate news and unique insights to a widespread audience.

What is the number of readers of prothomalornews.com worldwide? Readers of prothomalornews.com are virtually the whole world. Google Analytics has tracked prothomalornews.com from around 100 countries and regions around the world.

How is prothomalornews.com the ‘most authentic news source in Bangladesh’? The strengths of prothomalornews.com are credibility, reliability, and authenticity.

prothomalornews.com is also known for prioritizing truth over speed. Compared to other news providers, prothomalornews.com testifies to its position as the preferred news site in Bangladesh in terms of the number of viewers throughout the year.

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