In addition to physical contact AIDS can occur

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In addition to physical contact, AIDS can occur: AIDS is a deadly disease that has many causes. One of them is immoral sexual intercourse. Although many believe that HIV / AIDS is spread only through immoral sexual intercourse, immoral sexual intercourse alone cannot spread the disease. In addition to physical contact, AIDS can occur for a variety of reasons.


The reason for the spread of AIDS without physical contact is that, according to public health experts, if a person is a carrier of the virus, the retrovirus will easily enter the body of another as a result of sexual intercourse. The notion that using a condom does not increase the risk of HIV infection is also wrong.


This is because if a condom leaks during sexual intercourse with an infected person, there can be a danger. AIDS is also spread by injecting needles into a patient’s body. Therefore, new syringes and needles should be used for each injection.

AIDS can also be spread among infected children. The virus enters the baby’s body through breastfeeding. According to UNICEF, one child is infected with AIDS every 2 minutes worldwide. If blood is needed in the dying state, taking blood from the carriers of this disease can cause AIDS.

Injecting syringes into the body of an HIV-infected person, various surgical instruments, if used incorrectly in the body of a healthy person, can spread the disease. For this, blood should be given to the body after testing for AIDS. HIV-infected people can spread the virus through saliva and juice from gums and body wounds.


According to public health experts, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus responsible for AIDS. The virus survives only in human blood and other bodies. It spreads from the patient’s body through blood and semen to others. The disease is considered a ‘sexually transmitted disease’ because it is spread through semen.

The main function of this virus is to reduce the body’s resistance to disease. At one time the body could not prevent the common cold. As a result, death due to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS is inevitable.

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