Cheerleading Competition

UAAP Cheerdance opposition is an annual one-day event of the university Athletic association of the Philippines

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Cheerleading Competition: The UAAP Cheerdance opposition is an annual one-day event of the university Athletic association of the Philippines for cheer dancing. The sequence of the performance is decided by way of drawing lots prior to the competition.

before the declaration of winners and in the end, squads have performed, a recap is proven during the telecast. most effective the top three are introduced at the end of the competition. The tally sheet of the total quantity of factors garnered by way of all squads may be posted on social media briefly after the assertion of the pinnacle three. The 2015 UAAP Cheerdance opposition presently stands as the most attended collegiate carrying occasion in both the UAAP and across the Philippines, with a 37 report-breaking 25,388 paying target market.


The competition policies were revised over time due to the fact they began. the following is based totally on the most current rules drafted in 2012.

Fundamental policies

One respectable group in keeping with UAAP-member university
15-25 UAAP-eligible college students
Max of five spotters and proposed, in all-black apparel

No abusive and profane language
Up to 2 substitutes 12 hours before the principal opposition
No interaction among individuals of the panel judges and members, coaches and spectators
No inappropriate and disrespectful movement


routines should have
faculty cheer yelled stay. Any stunt, pyramid, or tumbling done in the course of the cheer habitual can be judged underneath the cheer class of each detail.
Dance recurring (50% of general score)
Stunts (Lifts and Dismounts)
Pyramids (minimal of 3 pyramids with a most of two.5 high)
Tumblings (standing and walking)
most of 7 snares and 12 bass drums if the venue is sensible Araneta Coliseum; five snares and six bass drums if the venue is SM Mall of Asia area
Cheerleaders prohibited to be outdoor the boundary line of the 15×20 meters overall performance region during the overall performance duration
performance ought to be 4–5 minutes long
Time may be stopped as soon as all cheer dancers are now not within the 15×20 meter performance place


previous to 1990, the panel of judges became composed of representatives from 8 UAAP-member faculties and a representative from credible gymnastics organizations. In 2009, UAAP changed the panel of judges with professionals from numerous cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics businesses.

In 2019, a one-of-a-kind manner of composing the panel of judges turned into made through a Presiding judge. A single judge becomes assigned to each detail of the cheerleading standards. For the dance standards, or five judges had been tasked to decide on this unique criterion.


The criteria for judging varies 12 months on yr. In 2008, the criteria modifi to a greater cheerleading-targeted factor device, giving a maximum rating for every detail of cheerleading and/or dancing. For the 2013 version, the criteria had been divided into two: cheerleading and dance criteria. Cheerleading criteria were sub-divided into four elements (tumbling, stunt, tosses, and pyramid) with a most of 100 factors for every detail, even as the dance criteria, which had a most of one hundred points per wide variety of judges for dance, have been subdivided into four sub-criteria (over-all effectiveness, choreography, technique, and execution).


a – The UAAP Board suspended the competition whilst a member from the UP Filipiniana figured in a twist of fate throughout practice.
b – In 1998, UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe did not be part of the competition.[22]
c – De la Salle university become suspended from the league in 2006.
d – in preference to the average score from the 5 judges, the ranking frequency machine became utilized in ranking and maintaining the winners for the 2012 UAAP Cheerdance opposition. within the case of NU and UST,

NU became declared

as the 2nd runner up as 3 out of five judges voted for NU because of the third placer while 3 out of five judges voted for UST because of the 4th placer notwithstanding the better rating of UST (eighty-five. fifty-six) than NU (eighty-five. sixteen)
e – merit-based totally scoring turned into used in the standards: four hundred points for cheerleading factors and 400 factors for dance factors; for a total score of 800. ratings displayed here are its percentage equal (e.g. actual rating divided by using 800 then expanded to 100).
f – college of the Philippines skipped UAAP Season seventy-nine Cheerdance competition
g – The a ways jap university and the countrywide university completed the opposition tied within the fourth place.

Trivias and fun facts

UP–UST rivalry

The cheerdance contention among UP and UST is one of the most effective rivalries in UAAP records, generating a total of 15 years of joint UP-UST appearances in the podium finishes, which includes a decade-lengthy streak of joint medal finishes from 1999 to 2008.

The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe

won the primary three years of competition from 1994 to 1996.[3] throughout the ones years, UP used to ship its very own dance troupe, the UP Filipiniana Dance Troupe and in the first version of the contest, UP did now not make it to the pinnacle 3 while the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe reigned superb. in the 1998 season, UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe did now not compete and instead joined the first Lipton Cheering Cup competition. also in that year, UP set up a brand new pep squad, referred to as UP Varsity Pep Squad, as its reputable delegate to the opposition to replace the UP Filipiniana Dance Troupe.

The rivalry between

the two squads started out in 1999 when UST returned to reclaim the identify after their 12 months of absence. however, they most effective finished second behind UP Pep Squad. 2001, UP Pep Squad matched the record of UST’s three consecutive wins.

2002, UST Salinggawi Dance

Troupe regained the identify whilst UP Pep Squad completed 1/3. the next 3 years had UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe in first location and UP Pep Squad as runner-up. In 2006, UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe obtained their eighth name thru 5 consecutive victories placing the highest rating inside the records of the opposition even as UP Pep Squad completed 0.33 on that 12 months.

UP Pep Squad regained

the name in 2007 and garnered their 5th name in 2008, with UST as second placer. The UP Pep Squad’s aim of a second three-peat turned into no longer found out in 2009. In that year, UST did not input top three for the first time. In 2010, UP regained the name even as UST came again within the podium completing 0.33. UP had some other three-peat after prevailing the 2011 and 2012 variations – the identical years when UST failed to input top three once more.

Neither UP nor UST gained

the cheerdance tilt in from 2013 to 2015. In 2013, UST had its lowest rating and settled 7th place. As of 2013, UP in no way located outside pinnacle 3 whilst UST failed to get a podium ranking 4 instances in 5 years.

In 2014,

UST effectively rejoined the podium end at 1/3 location at the same time as UP positioned second. In 2015, after nine years, UST defeated UP by using winning second area even as UP settled for 0.33. As of 2015, both teams have same quantity of championship titles at 8. UP, no matter being dethrone, is by far the most hooked up group for having stayed at the podium for 20 years straight.

inside the 2017 edition, UP lower back from a 365 days hiatus however didn’t input the top three. The UP Pep Squad placed 6th with perennial opponents UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe placing 2d. both faculties, however, did not make podium finishes inside the same event considering the fact that 2018.

Rise of the underdogs

In 2013,

the countrywide U Pep Squad claimed its first ever championship with an Arabian topic. The UAAP CDC become now not about the triumvirate particularly the FEU Cheering Squad, UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe and UP Varsity Pep Squad which were champions in the preceding years. A 12 months later The countrywide U Pep Squad correctly clinched a again to returned and furthermore a three-peat in 2015, being the 0.33 crew to claim a three-peat in the CDC given a few controversies. no matter the controversies the countrywide U Pep Squad delivered lower back a four-peat championship within the UAAP CDC with a futuristic subject in 2016 being the second squad to assert a 4-peat beside UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe. alas, in the yr 2017 they were now not capable of clinch a 5-peat championship nor enter the pinnacle 3 due to low dance ratings.

In 2017

the Adamson Pep Squad top the champions with the hashtag 80’s for eighty. This proved that the underdogs could upward push to the task of the previous champions with the pinnacle 3 of that 12 months containing former underdogs UE Pep Squad as bronze medalist and Adamson Pep Squad as gold medalist. The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe were the silver medalists of that 12 months. in the meantime conventional strength houses national U Pep Squad, UP Varsity Pep Squad and FEU Cheering Squad had been out of the top 3.

In 2018

the country-wide U Pep Squad had its comeback with a 5th Championship in just 6 years. Trailing back are the FEU Cheering Squad with a 70’s Funk theme because the first runner up and 2017 Gold Medalists Adamson Pep. Squad with a Lion King topic, being their third instantly 12 months on the podium and landing the second runner up for 2018. ratings for the 1/3 runner up, UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe had been close at a 0. five margins from the second runner up. 2018 become additionally the 12 months that the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion. become ranked 7th amongst all the teams. This turned into a primary for the Blue Babble in five years.

In 2019

the countrywide U Pep Squad introduced 1 greater championship up its sleeve getting. that 6th Gold Medal finish considering the fact that 2013. The 2019 CDC version is thought to the year where every group went out of their very own consolation zones. do loss of life defying stunts, difficult and complicated mountings and dismounts of their pyramid.

And really synchronized choreography

at some stage in their respective performances. in the end the rankings of the 2019 UAAP Cheerdance competition garnered the very best average of rankings due to the fact that 2012. in spite of the exact same ranking. because the 2018th edition . First runner up, FEU Cheering Squad, comes close with a Michael Jackson inspired topic and brought back the Moonwalk stunt previously carried out in 2009. via the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion.

Second runner up,

Adamson Pep Squad, wowed the crowd with a Caribbean-Disco inspired topic. although the ADU Pep Squad’s last Pyramid (the Caribbean) changed into now not whole they still had a easy run at some point of their performance. for this reason getting a higher rating than the purifier routines of the 4th placer (UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe). and 5th placer (UE Pep Squad) respectively. The rankings for the 2d, 3rd and 4th runner up have been very near. at margins of one.06 and 0.62.


faculty colors of

UP and NU
Questions have rais at the effects of the 2015 Cheerdance opposition after NU Pep Squad gain despite. Committing a couple of errors consisting of falls on their lifts and pyramids. This is in contrast with runners-up UP and UST executing clean programs. The UAAP network in the social media turned outraged in particular. Because of their disbelief of the ranking and allegations of biased judging and corruption. NU claimed that their stunts have higher diploma of difficulty in comparison to different teams. Due to this, UP filed an official criticism for the case detailing numerous judging inaccuracies. However changed into remained unresolved with UAAP officials. As a response to the unresolved troubles and to cognizance on international competitions. UP Pep Squad determined to skip the 2016 opposition


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