How to make iPhone 7 faster

How to make iPhone 7 faster

How to make iPhone 7 faster: How to speed up your iPhone – It’s been a while since Apple released the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Both the new iPhones have had a makeover with the iPhone 7, and they look and feel fantastic. However, there are some features that you won’t find on the new iPhones — namely, the phones’ processors. The iPhone 7 has an aluminum body, and it is much more compact than its predecessors. That also makes it one of the fastest smartphones available. Here are 14 easy steps to speeding up your iPhone 7.

Turn on Airplane Mode before you leave home

One of the trickier things about speeding up your iPhone 7 is enabling and disabling airplane mode from the Settings app. This is necessary before you put your phone in airplane mode since this enforces the order in which things like network and Bluetooth must be turned on. If you don’t enable airplane mode before you leave home, your phone will automatically turn on when you get in the car, and then it will constantly be in the air, consuming energy. This can be a real battery drainer, so make sure to turn this feature on first before leaving home.

How to make iPhone 7 faster
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Use a data plan that isn’t too data-intensive – How to make iPhone 7 faster 

One of the nice things about the iPhone 7 is that it uses the same data plan as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, meaning you can stay connected without paying an additional fee. However, if you have a data-heavy lifestyle, the iPhone 7 may not be the best choice for you.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus consumed about 16% less data than the iPhone 7 (in some cases, as little as 5% less), which is nice, but if you’re mainly interested in social media, this may not matter to you. If you want to put your phone through the wringer, it will still be doing a little bit of data collection, so it may as well be doing it efficiently.

Set the notification LED to go off when you don’t want it to

Like airplane mode, the notification LED on your iPhone is another setting that you can enable or disable from Settings. This light flashes when there is a new notification, and you can choose to ignore it or choose to interact with it. If you find yourself constantly swiping through notifications, this may not be a feature that matters to you.

Don’t make unnecessary noise with your phone – How to make iPhone 7 faster 

One of the things that will definitely annoy people is when you start rambling on the phone without looking straight at the person you are talking to. If you have a habit of doing this, you will definitely feel self-conscious when someone is around. Yes, you can hang up and start talking to them again, but that will definitely make them feel awkward when they are just trying to listen to you.

If you don’t want to do this, there are a few things you can try. First, turn off your phone. You can also cover your mouth when you are answering the phone, which will muffle the sound somewhat. Another thing is to use a speaker that is less obtrusive, like an earpiece or a laptop speaker. If you find yourself constantly answering the phone, you may want to consider investing in a better phone.

Don’t use your phone for calls while it’s charging

One of the things that people do when they don’t want to deal with a dead phone is to charge it while they are on the move. While this will definitely help the phone stay charged, you should be aware that this also means you are putting yourself at risk. It is no secret that mobile phones can get hot, and even if you use a case, your phone will get hotter. If you leave your phone in a bag, a jacket, or even a glove compartment, it is at risk of getting damaged. If you are on a route where there are a lot of public places where you might not be able to take cover, a hot phone is just asking for damage.

Turn off the screen and lock your phone

When you’re finished using your phone, you should lock it so that others cannot easily access it. This is especially important if you have young children, who may be interested in playing with your phone but do not want to get in touch with you. There are a number of ways to go about this. The simplest way is to press the power button three times in quick succession, but it is probably more effective to press each button for a longer period of time. Once you have locked your phone, you can feel free to put it in an armor-like case to further protect it.

Get a case that offers extra protection

If you buy a case that offers extra protection, you may be surprised by how useful it is. Some of them have features that will automatically turn on their lights when you pick them up so that you can see where it is safe to handle them. Others will automatically put the phone into standby mode when you put it in your pocket so that it doesn’t heat up too much. In addition to added protection, some cases provide extra grip to make sure your phone doesn’t fall out of your hand.

Turn on Customougring mode and have fun with multi-touch gestures!

Customougring mode is another iOS feature that allows you to tailor all the features to your liking. You can set different profiles for different users, so your close friend can have different access restrictions compared to your family members or coworkers. You can also enable a kill switch to stop your kid from changing the settings on their phone when they are under the influence. There are a lot of configurations and options with this mode, so it may take a while to get used to. But once you do, it is really fun to play with.

Final thought

If you’re looking for ways to speed up your iPhone 7, these tips will help you get there more quickly. There are a lot of great new features on the iPhone 7, including an improved camera, a faster processor, and the return of the iconic glass design. To take full advantage of all these great new features, you’ll need to download the latest software and update your apps. While the initial setup might be a bit of a hassle, once it’s over, you’ll appreciate all the speed benefits this device brings to the table.

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