iPhone 12 Features

Apple has always prided itself on making great products

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iPhone 12 Features: The iPhone has been around for a few years now and with age comes experience. With hundreds of thousands of iPhones being sold every day, users have come to expect certain things from their phones. One of these things is a certain level of personalization. The iPhone allows users to customize their devices in a very specific way to make them their own. iPhone 12

These small changes can greatly affect the way you use your iPhone. Some of these features are so small, that you may not even notice them. However, put them all together and they can become game-changers. Here is a list of 12 features that will blow your mind if you’re already an Apple fanatic. If you already own an iPhone, this list will give you another reason to love your smartphone. If you don’t own an iPhone yet, this list is going to help you figure out why it may be worth getting one. iPhone 12 Features You can check out this article to see if the iPhone is right for you.

iPhone 12 Features
iPhone 12 Features

The iPhone 12 Screen Is The Absolute Best – iPhone 12 

There are many things you can do with the iPhone’s screen, but one of the best things is the always-on display feature. When your iPhone is locked, you can press the “info” button and your screen will turn into a clock. You can leave this on all the time so that you know when it’s time to get ready for work. Or, you can change it to show different items like a calendar, a timer, your latest text message, or your latest phone call. iPhone 12 Features

Apple’s Smart Keyboard Is An Editor’s Dream

Apple has always prided itself on making great products, but its keyboards have always been the exception. The Apple Smart Keyboard was designed for professionals who need to create content. Its design allows you to type at a faster rate than on your finger, while also making it easier to correct mistakes. iPhone 12 Features

You Can Charge Your iPhone 12 While It’s Charging

Your phone is meant to be used while it’s charging, but that doesn’t mean you have to set up your life around it. If you were hoping to charge your iPhone while it was connected to your car, for example, you were out of luck. Until now.

You Can Restore Your iPhone From Anywhere

If your iPhone got lost or broken, the last thing you want to do is take it into a store to get it repaired. You can now restore your iPhone from iCloud, which means you can restore it from any other device that has internet access. You can restore your iPhone from your computer, your iPad, or your Mac. If you get your new iPhone, and you have all of your data backed up to iCloud, you’ll be able to restore your iPhone in no time.

You Can Track Your iPhone Using GPS – iPhone 12 Feature 

You can track many different items using your iPhone, but what about your own device?  So You can use your iPhone’s GPS to track where your device has been. And You can see the location of your iPhone on a map, and even get directions to its last location.

Siri Is An Amazing Personal Assistant – iPhone 12 Feature 

We’ve all been there: You’re in a rush, you have no idea what to do, and you call your friend. “Where’s the closest coffee shop?” you ask. “Oh, let me Google that for you,” they reply. No one wants to be that person. With Siri, you can ask your phone to do almost anything. You can set up different categories for Siri to search through, like your calendar, your contacts, or your shopping list. That way, you don’t have to bother your friend with each new task Siri is doing for you.

The iPhone Has The Best Camera On The Market

The iPhone is no stranger to being the best at just about everything. In the camera department, however, it defies the laws of physics. How do you make a camera that can fit into a pocket and shoot crystal clear pictures?

13 Reasons Why You Should Still Buy The iPhone 12

If you’ve watched the trailer for the new teen drama series ‘13 Reasons Why then you know that something dark is happening in the series. What you don’t know is that the show has a lot more to it than meets the eye. While it may appear to be a simple show about teenagers and their troubles, there’s a lot more to it than what it seems.

The show is based on the book of the same name by Jay Asher and it explores the reasons why a high school student commits suicide. It’s not a happy story and it’s not meant to make you feel good about yourself. It’s meant to make you look at your world and see if there’s anything you can learn from it.

The same goes for buying the new iPhone. While it comes with all the latest and greatest features and technologies, it’s also packed with hidden pitfalls that you need to be aware of. If you’re ready to buy the new iPhone X, then read on to learn more reasons you should still buy the iPhone X and not the iPhone 8.

You Should Still Buy The iPhone X Because It’s the Cheapest iPhone

In a world full of deep-budget features, the iPhone remains the most affordable smartphone on the market. The Pixel 2 XL costs you $869.6, while you can get a 64 GB iPhone 8 in India for as low as ₹59,000 ($867).

The iPhone X comes with a starting price of ₹83,000 ($1149). Despite the fact that Apple doesn’t release specific stats on how many people opt for the iPhone X, we can assume that there are a fair number of people who choose the iPhone X over other phones just because it’s the cheapest out of all the phones in the iPhone lineup.

It Comes With the Longest Wireless Range

Wireless range is something that most new phones are trying to achieve these days. The range of the iPhone 8 was great, but it was nothing compared to the iPhone X. You can expect the wireless range of the iPhone X to be around spaces, especially if you place it in between you and the other end of the space. iPhone 12 Feature

This is the reason why the iPhone X is so great for conference calls. In addition, if you have a large room with no walls, you can use AirPlay to project the screen of your iPhone X onto the walls of the room and make it look like a huge screen TV. What’s more, you can also take advantage of the FaceTime audio-calling feature of the iPhone X to make video calls.

The iPhone X Has the Best Camera

We’ve all heard the rumors that Apple is planning on removing the Home button and replacing it with a new button that would allow users to launch the camera faster. That is nowhere near the truth. The new iPhones do come with a new camera on the back called the TrueDepth camera. iPhone 12 Feature

What’s more, the front camera of the iPhone X improves as well. All these cameras work seamlessly together to give you all the incredible experiences that you’ve heard about. We all know that the camera is a very important feature in a smartphone, and the iPhone X is the best that you can get. iPhone 12 Feature

You Can Use Apple Pay on the iPhone X

Apple Pay is one of the most useful features that the iPhone comes with. The great thing about Apple Pay is that it is complete integrates into the system and you don’t need to install any extra apps. If you’re using the iPhone X, then you can easily use Apple Pay.

In addition, the iPhone X also comes with a feature called FaceID. With FaceID, you can unlock your phone just by looking at it. What’s more, the new iPhone has a feature called Animoji. With Animoji, you can create a cartoon character out of yourself that can be sent to your friends, family, and even your boss. iPhone 12 Feature

The iPhone X Is the Safest iPhone

The iPhone is the safest phone that you can buy. This is because all the devices encrypt using the Apple Secure Enclave. The only thing you have to do is to keep your iPhone in a protective case. The iPhone X is completely waterproof, so you can even take it underwater. What’s more, if you worry about the health of your phone, you can place your iPhone X in an air purifier for a better health experience. The new iPhone is also the most scratch-resistant iPhone ever. If you’re someone who loves their iPhones and keeps them protected, then the iPhone X is the safest iPhone you can get.

The iPhone X is the most popular iPhone in the world. According to market research, the iPhone X is the most popular phone that you can get. This shows that while there might be many reasons why you should buy the iPhone 8 instead of the iPhone X, there are also many reasons why you should buy the iPhone X. The iPhone X is the most expensive of all the iPhones that you can get. There are several reasons why you should still buy the iPhone X despite these facts.


Whether you’re just getting into the iPhone now, or have been using it for years, these features are going to blow your mind. There’s no denying that the iPhone is one of the best smartphones on the market, and you’re going to love using these features. If you need help deciding which one is right for you, check out our iPhone guide. It’ll help you decide which features you need and which ones you don’t.

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