The Battle at the Team Cutline on Friday

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The Battle at the Team Cutline on Friday

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Friday will mark the first set of cuts for the team division at the 2023 CrossFit Games. After Test Five, the field will be cut from 37 teams to 30. While the teams have already had four tests to prove their fitness, there is still one test that remains and for some teams could mean the difference between ending their CrossFit Games journey two days early.

One big thing: With just 14 points separating the teams from 27th to 31st place and 18 points separating 30th to 33rd, it is going to be a battle to see who will stay inside the cutline. Here are the seven teams who are going to have to fight to stay inside the cut line heading into the final event.

27th Place, TTT CrossFit Black: While they are currently the furthest from the cutline of any of the teams listed here, they still sit just eight points away from CrossFit Oslo Najs who sits on that 30th place cutline and just 16 points away from falling outside of it.

28th Place, Templo Sa CrossFit: With several finishes outside of the top 30, the South American Semifinal champion team’s one saving grace holding them inside the cutline is their eighth-place finish in the Olympic Total.

  • They are currently tied points-wise with the 29th-place team AB CrossFit Mayhem and are just two points above CrossFit Oslo Najs who sits in 30th.

29th Place, AB CrossFit Mayhem: The underdog team from Miami proved to everyone that they were nothing to mess with when they placed third at the North America East Semifinals earlier this year, beating out big-name teams such as CrossFit Mayhem Independence and CrossFit Krypton.

  • But their start this year at the CrossFit Games has been challenging to say the least.
  • With three finishes outside of the top 30, they currently sit tied for points with Templo Sa CrossFit and just two points above the 30th place cutline.

30th Place, CrossFit Oslo Najs: Their 16th place finish on the Cross-Country 5K test was enough to pull them right onto the cutline.

  • However, they still only remain eight points ahead of Koda CrossFit Redemption who sits outside the cutline in 31st place.

31st Place, Koda CrossFit Redemption: The fifth-place team from the competitive North America West Semifinal currently sits in 31st place, eight points out from the 30th-place cutline.

  • While they still have one more event to pull themselves inside that cutline, it’s going to be difficult, especially with teams like AB CrossFit Mayhem also vying to stay inside that cutline.

32nd Place, Rhino Dogs: will have to fight with their fellow North America West competitors to try to stay inside the cutline in the next event. While they only sit 15 points outside the cutline, it will be a tough fight to get back inside given how close the points are right now.

33rd Place, Q21 CrossFit: The South American second-place team currently sits within striking distance of the cutline and a stellar performance in the next workout could earn them the 18 points needed to bring themselves inside the cutline depending on how their fellow teams perform.

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