When India play Pakistan, everything comes to a standstill: BCCI chief Roger Binny

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NEW DELHI: BCCI president Roger Binny and vice president Rajeev Shukla graced the gala dinner hosted by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in Lahore on Monday. During the event Binny eloquently characterised the electric atmosphere that surrounds an India-Pakistan cricket match.
Their visit to Pakistan materialized after receiving invitations from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) extended to members of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and various cricket boards to participate in this grand occasion.
Binny expressed that when India faces Pakistan on the cricket field, the world seems to pause, and the entire cricketing universe is captivated by the spectacle.
“On behalf of BCCI, I would like to thank to Pakistan Cricket Board for invitation. I bring greetings from the BCCI, and from the cricket lovers of India. India-Pakistan is one of the biggest games that is played, I can tell you when India plays Pakistan, everything comes to a standstill, people don’t work, the roads are empty, everyone is in front of the TV to watching cricket,” he said.

The BCCI chief also talked about the recent clash between the two countries in the Asia Cup with the rain-curtailed match on Saturday ending in a draw.
“We had a lovely game in Kandy which would have been an excellent game if carried on but the weather played a spoilsport and we did not get to see the finish,” the former Indian cricketer said.
“I must thank the Pakistan Cricket Board for its hospitality from the time we crossed the border this afternoon. It was an It was a wonderful experience,” he added.
Shukla said he has come to Lahore earlier and the Asia Cup provided another opportunity.
“I am really delighted to come to Lahore, I have found an opportunity to visit Lahore in the Asia Cup. I have been here several times and love this city,” he said.
“I remember in 2004, we had brought an Indian team to Pakistan…the tour had been finalized and there were many apprehensions about the security. But that time BCCI president was determined to send the Indian team to Pakistan…the 2004 series followed by the 2006 series, was the golden era of India versus Pakistan cricket,” he added.
The 2023 Asia Cup is being held in Pakistan and Sri Lanka between August 30 and September 17.
The tournament kicked off on August 30. India and Pakistan faced each other on September 2 with India posting 266 in the first innings. However, the game was washed out due to rain in Kandy and both teams walked out with a point each.
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